Used Hybrid Cars

Let others take a bath in the depreciation of a new hybrid car, be the smarter sharper and purchase a used hybrid car.  Already there are a lot of hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius for sale on used car lots.  But the internet is the better way to shop and take advantage of areas with a larger supply of hybrid cars that create a buyers market.

Hybrid cars are all about looking green and what better way to save green than buying used hybrid cars.  As of this posting there are over 75 used Toyota Prius’s on eBay.  The prices of these used hybrids range in price from $4,000 to $16,000 but are generally in the neighborhood of $10,000.  This is a huge savings over the cost of buying a new Toyota Prius hybrid.

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If the Toyota Prius isn’t your bag then you can also find a used Nissan Altima Hybrid for sale.  As of this posting it looks like a used hybrid Altima can be purchased for around $15,000.

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