2010 Kia Soul, Scion Competitor

The 2010 Kia Soul gives a first impression of a Toyota Scion rip off.  It’s small, boxy, and looks like it would drive like my buddies gokart.  Now, depending on your taste for cars, this could be a good or bad thing.  For me, it’s a bad thing, kind of like a coffin on wheels.

Now, for those looking to buy a cargo box that you can drive around the nighborhood, there is finally some competition in the market.  The Kia Soul is one such competitor and like the Nissan Cube, is much more of the same.  There is only so many lights, bells, and whistles you can cram on a card board box to make it look appealing.  Eventually you have to take a step back and say, ‘Hey’ this is still a cardboard box, why are we putting all these ugly interior lights in here?

2010 Kia Soul Interior Lights

2010 Kia Soul Interior Lights

Then there is the whole issue of actually being able to use such a vehicle.  I’m sure for those that don’t have to actually haul more than their purse this would be  aperfect car, but for those of us with friends, golf clubs, or hell…even 2 bags of groceries this car isn’t going to cut it.  Which then begs the question, who is the target audience for such a flashy tin can?  Is this audience willing to drop $15,000 plus for something that is not functional beyond it’s driver looking like a cunt?

2010 Kia Soul

2010 Kia Soul

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3 thoughts on “2010 Kia Soul, Scion Competitor

  1. Soul Sailor

    Well Not sure what size your purse (not as big as your mouth apparently) but my purse fits quite nicely with groceries and tons of other cargo. I have had 5 full size adults in my soul. One of which was 5’9″ and a 4 suit cases and junk in the back. It does not hold as much as my Van but it does very well for a small and sylish car. I love mine.
    Look I managed to say all that without any vulgar reference to any body parts!!

  2. Doug

    Have owned my Kia Soul for almost 2yrs. now, still love it. Very roomy very functional. more room than my friends RX300 at less than half the price. Fun to drive like your buddies’ go-cart too!!!


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