Mercedes 5th SUV

Mercedes has been in the SUV business since 1997 and now 12 years later they are introducing the GLK350, the 5th Mercedes SUV/Crossover.  This all new SUV is a slightly tuned down version of the GL SUV and priced respectably at $35,000.  I’m surprised any Mercedes vehicle, let alone a large SUV, can drop below $40k, so color me impressed.

Green drivers will be pleased to hear that the large SUV is capable of 21 miles per gallon on the highway.  That figure becomes even more impressive when you consider that the GLK350 is pushing close to 270 horsepower.  It goes to show that Mercedes has a long running commitment to efficiency and engineering to produce that kind of power in an SUV out of 3.5 small liters and 6 cylinders.

My concern is that bringing an albeit well priced Mercedes SUV this late to the market may not be a smart move.  It’s happening all over the US, families are trading in a Mercedes in the drive way for a paid off house.  We’ll see how sales place the GLK350 in the SUV market and whether or not Mercedes plans on trimming back some of it’s oversized line ups.

Mercedes GLK350

Mercedes GLK350

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