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Every car manufacturers goal is to release a vehicle with zero recalls, but unfortunatley bugs make it through the system.  No doubt the upcoming release of the new Camaro will expose some problems, which will lead to a recall.  I decided to look back at the Camaro, to see if I can guess what kind of recall we might expect for the buyers of the all new hyped Camaro.

The very last year the Camaro was manufacturered it only had 3 recalls.  There were two exterior lighting problem and a structure frame issue.  The frame member recall with the Camaro was fixed by placing a few extra rivets into the frame, supposedly to conform to a specific safey requirement.  The exterior lighting recall on the 02 Camaro was simply an issue with not containing Amber reflectors, which failed to meet code of certain states.

The final hoo-ra for the Camaro was a good one, in terms of insignificant recalls.  Although safety is always important, the recall on the Camaro was not as serious as tire issues, combustible problems, which seem to plague other manufacturers.  And the exterior lighting problem has been an ongoing problem for the Camaro since 1997.  You’d think these guys would learn by now.

So, I predict that the first recall for the 2010 Camaro will be for an exterior lighting issue.  I’d also like to add that I suspect there will be more than 3 recalls on the newest release of the Camaro, considering it’s ‘all new’.  The last time we saw the Camaro it had already been through the gauntlet, so most bugs were worked out.  The end of this year, when the 2010’s start showing up on our roads, will be a whole new ball game.

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2 thoughts on “2010 Camaro Recall

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  2. Demo Cars

    Well, what can I say. The extra rivets in the frame makes me a tad nervous, and I’d like to see a more comprehensive explanation of the whys and the hows. As far as the indicators go, what a waste. I got clear lenses and amber globes on my vehicle and all is good with that. Then I do live in South Africa, and this is Africa, after all!!!


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