Ugly, Stupid, Neurotic Car Spoilers

It’s just like the brain slugs from Futurama, something has attached itself to the heads of our youth and sucked the smarts out.  It’s forced normally sound inviduals to place ungodly looking stupid spoilers on their vehicles, content with the looks, and convinced others find it appealing.  After all, most spoilers are only for show and on these vehicles they look more like a tumor.

I’m sure once age sets in and wisdom shows these folks the error of their ways they will understand why everyone was laughing at them.  These car spoilers are just out of hand and go to show you just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

9 thoughts on “Ugly, Stupid, Neurotic Car Spoilers

  1. avp0713

    I’m assuming you’re an older mature person and if that is the case, then I would expect that you among all people should be familiar with the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Why do you think that is a famous and wise phrase? Because it is true. Here’s a perspective for you. I always wanted a Corvette, and finally one day I did get one; when I got it, I wanted to put a Greenwood kit on the car, so side skirts, front lip, rear skirt and SPOILER. No, it was not a big unsightly spoiler, it was a typical Corvette spoiler – useless – in the real world. However, I LOVED my kitted up Corvette, in fact I still have it (24 years later). More recently I got a Cougar and guess what? when I got the car, I thought it looked really “planejane” UNTIL, I put a skirt kit, front lip, and REAR SPOILER and a rather high one at that. I know alot of people probably think it looks silly and even I know is not functional, but ITS MINE!!! I don’t give a flying F#$k if anybody else thinks it looks silly.

    You know what looks really really silly to me? A $60 Hummer that never leaves the highway or street. What else looks silly? A $100,000 Porsche with an automatic Whaletail wing that pops up once you go over 40 mph. You know what else looks silly? One of the most sought after cars EVER…. the Dodge Superbird with a 3 foot high WING in the back. So basically put that in your pipe and smoke it. 80% of the brand spanking new cars come with silly little nonfunctional wings attached to their trunks. Do you not think thats silly and ugly? why not? Maybe all cars should come the same style and same color. . . why do you need a nice color on your car? BECAUSE YOU F#$KING LIKE THE GOD DAMNED COLOR – The instrumental words here is “YOU LIKE” not “ME LIKE” or “YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD LIKES”…. is the car that “YOU LIKE”.

  2. Christopher Post author

    In all do respect and I do mean in all respect, your opinion is wrong. These spoilers are absolutely ignorant, stupid, silly, no matter what opinion you may think you have.

  3. avp0713

    I’m not SPECIFICALLY referring to THESE spoilers (the ones on the top of the page). I’m referring to the IDEA of one person or persons not liking another persons car modifications. That being wings of an assorted nature. If you don’t like somebody’s wing on their car, you don’t have to look at it, and they are not asking you to like their wing. We all know that YOUR car is the best looking and fastest car made so we’re not worrying about that, because only YOUR opinion counts. When you grow up, you will realize what i’m talking about; apparently you’re immature and can’t comprehend the concept. By the way, why cultivate something on the bottom of your chin that already grows wild on your ass, you nitwit.

  4. Christopher Post author

    For someone who talks a lot about why others shouldn’t care what others think, you sure do throw your opinion around a lot..don’t you?

    Besides, the something on my face IS from my ass. It’s carefully formulated from a mixture of pubic hair and elmers glue.

  5. Nicholas


    When I read your comments, in my mind, your voice sounds juvenile, whiney and I’ll bet your cheeks got pink when you typed your comments. Simple math might show that if you’ve owned a Corvette for ~ 24 years, you’re age is roughly 40, perhaps older.

    Taking note that this very blog’s subtitle is “the fine line of automotive news and OPINION” (which, spoiler-commentary hardly qualifies as news), and taking additional note that you’ve taken the time to craft a response, stating that the writer’s opinion…ABOUT OTHER OPINIONS, is wrong…..the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

    By the way, skirts are for pussies.

  6. avp0713

    Nice….. I like the part of how you crafted your Goatee… cool….

    No, I’m exactly 50 years old… had just about every muscle car I ever wanted, so basically I’ve been there done that. I currently run a 2007 Magnum srt8 Blacker than black. Will I put a spoiler on it? No. Cause I don’t think it will look right, but don’t think I didn’t try to formulate a way to do it.

    I don’t want to argue with you cause everyone has an opinion. So I’ll just leave it at that. But every now and then when I see a little tiny spoiler on a brand new 70,000 corvette, I’ll just secretly laugh to myself how having a small useless wing looks just as bad as having a large useless one.

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  8. fuzzbuster

    99% of ALL SPOILERS are stupid, useless, ugly trash glued onto the back of slow-ass Hondas. I think ricers add these spoilers to slow the car down and then put an overly huge exhaust on it to detune it to the point that it will barely beat a jeep wrangler towing a boat to the next stoplight. Must be that stupid, ugly, slow….REALLY SLOW cars are the new “cool”.


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