Chipped Car Windshields Fixed For Free

It happened to me, I got a chip in my windshield a  few days ago, thanks to some sloppy driving by dump trucks carrying a load of rocks.  The rock jumped up and placed a chip in my auto glass smaller than the size of a quarter, but right in my line of sight.  It’s frustrating and even more blood boiling knowing I’m responsible for getting it fixed since I was unable to get information from the culprit dump truck.

After doing some checking around I found that a chipped windshield can be easily fixed and in some cases can even be done with a home kit available from Wal-Mart.  I read some reviews and decided that fixing the chip in my windshield myself was not the best idea, again considering the chips location.  Therefore, I turned my research to my insurance providers website, Progressive.

According to them, like most other auto insurers, you can get a chipped windshield repaired for free.  That means no deductible, no out of pocket expense, only time to take your car to the autotive shop.  As long as the repair is done by a reputable and accredited company, Progressive will pay for the entire cost of repair.  Also, typically they will only cover the cost, no deductible, if the crack or chip is less than the size of a dollar.

Great news!  I plan on getting my windshield repaired by a reputable glass repair shop.  And for others looking to get annoying chips and cracked glass fixed, most insurance companies will cover the repair for free without out of pocket expense for a deductible.

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