Why Toyota Wants GM To Succeed

World markets are a tricky thing and staying in the customers good graces can be a balancing act.  That’s why, at least vocally, Toyota hopes that GM will succeed and are constantly sending good wishes their way.  But why would a competitor, in a ever growing cut-throat market, want it’s biggest competitor to succeed?

Let’s look at history, even a few short decades ago.  In the 80’s and before there was huge hatred toward the foreign market.  The perceived quality of foreign vehicles had not yet been established, so Toyota like other brands were just trying to prove themselves.  Another challenge they were trying to overcome was the general publics patriotism, the hope, and want for an American company to dominate the industry.

How far have we come?  Obviously Toyota took over GM as the largest car manufacturer in the world, owed largely to it’s ever increasing US market share.  So what does Toyota risk, if they don’t actively support it’s domestic competitors?  In a sensitive market, walking on egg shells may be the only thing that keeps Toyota from slipping back into the early 80’s in the eyes of American car buyers.

Consider the devastation to Toyota domestically if the American people decide to rally against foreign competitors and strongly support their domestic car manufacturers again.  Potentially, all the work Toyota had done to generate brand quality would be destroyed.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but there is a reason the owl wants the rabbits to mate.

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