Ford Fights Back

04 Ford F150

04 Ford F150

Pressure has been placed on the Big 3 Auto Manufacturers to start cutting costs and Ford is taking the next step by reducing it’s over head on interest.  With it’s latest action plan, Ford managed to reduce their debt by as much as $9.9 billion.  This one swift move alone will reduce Ford’s operating expenses by $500 million in annualized interest.

“Ford is upstaging GM with what its doing, said Pete Hastings, senior analyst at Morgan Keegan. “It’s handling things more smoothly than GM and accomplishing what it needs to do without the government getting involved.

It’s important to note that Ford is leading the way and showing it is a contender in the world market, with no intentions of failing.  Ford is also the only one that didn’t have it’s hand out during this last round of bailouts and intends to help itself.  How will this affect the company in todays market?

The government, now having a vested interest in GM, will be most likely offering incentives to buyers.  Is this fair to Ford, who is struggling to fix things themselves?

Would you buy from Ford just because they are operating without a bailout?

I’m a ways from buying new cars, but I do buy a used car about once a year.  The majority of my fleet, though dwindled now, is primarily Fords.  I just picked up an 04 F150 two weeks ago and I’m glad that Ford is getting my dollar, no matter how far down the line.

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3 thoughts on “Ford Fights Back

  1. Lance Naismith

    It’s nice that Ford isn’t asking for a bailout but I think it is because they can’t live up to the government standards being asked. Ford refuses to deal with customers on the leaky front window that fries electronics when it rains, the blowing spark plugs in the 5.4 and the leaky rear window, all in F150’s. Now, GM has done recalls as well as Toyota. Both companies showed ethics. Remember Ford supported Hitler in WW II and still maintains that attitude today in terms of customer relations. I’ve owned 2 F150’s and thought I dealt with a good company untill this last batch of look after yourself attitudes. They may not be taking the bailout but their still shafting the consumer.

  2. Christopher Post author

    What a terrible experience and very sorry to hear that Lance. Unfortunately, having been through several brands of vehicles, all seem to have a few skeletons in the closet. What to do?

    However, are you sure that GM was not responsible for the involvement with the Third Reich and not Ford?

  3. Lance Naismith

    christopher…. yes, GM was involved and had factories that made vehicles for the Nazi and, like Ford, sued the US government at the end of the war for damages to their buildings by the allies. But, unlike GM, Henry Ford’s picture was on Hitler’s wall and he was admired by Hitler. They also used, as probably did the other manufacturers, slave labour to build their products. I just think its interesting how they are treating us now, no better than the slaves during WWII (although in fairness, I guess it was better to be a slave than go to the gas chamber)

    Yes and all manufacturers would have skeletons but the honourable ones have them fixed ile. toyota recalled trucks due to rusting frames – if it was rusted, it was either fixed or the vehicle replaced. No rust and the warranty was extended. Ford, just tells you to buzz off.


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