Ford: Buy One Car Get One Free



Crazy economic times calls for crazy measures to insure a propserous and profitable future.  Laughing in the face of naysayers, Ford has announced the best new car buying insentive ever.  Buy one new car, get one new car of equal or lesser value, for FREE!

It’s a radical step, but one that Ford hopes will shock the domestic car market back to it’s previous self.  The insentive has been labeled as bold, inspirational, and a bit dense by other manufacturers like GM and Chrysler…but what do they know?  A little green monster is rearing it’s ugly head and Ford is the one with the last laugh.

As of this post all major Ford dealerships are taking part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  As of 9:00 AM this morning, the most popular cars being purchased are the Ford Fusion and of course the F150 pickup is also flying off of dealer show room floors.  Husbands and wives rejoice, need a new car, well get two!

“Efter I’siz buy my Ford F1scfifty truck, tha dealer handed me tew sets o keyses.  Boy howdy, you shudda seen meh face.  I’siz always buy Ford inda future.” – April Pfhols

So help jump start the economy, go buy a Ford and enjoy your second car for FREE!

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