Tailgating Done Right

Upcoming concert, sporting event, or a bored meeting at a local parking lot?  Sounds like it’s time to prepare for that first big time Tailgating party for the summer.  Let’s look at what can make that tailgating experience one to remember and replicate throughout the year.

Must Have Tailgating Items:

  • Charcoal Grill
  • Gas Powered Blender
  • Sweet Ass Recliner Camping Seats
  • Satellite Radio
  • Multiple Coolers
  • and of course Brewhaha

But those are just a few items to make a tailgating experience this summer successful.  The real meat and potatoes, so to speak, comes in with style depending on what kind of recipes you know.  Tailgate parties are most successful with unique finger foods, grilled items, and adding character to a meal makes it always memorable.  Keep in mind, the more unique the recipe, chances are the more prep work will need to be done in advance of downing a few brews.

Plan some games to pass the time as well, since competition is surely running high if you are at a sporting event anyway.  Beer Pong is especially popular amongst the college crowd, but for those of you who are older and don’t need a reason to drink, let’s look at some other easy options.  I always enjoy a game of Cornhole or Bean Bags.  Also, everyone and their mom owns a washer board where horseshoes will most likely bust out a window.

Last but not least, stay safe, not everyone is partying in a parking lot so practice safe tailgating partying.  See you on the pavement.

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