Mustangs For Sale

So are we getting into the wrong time of year for a buyer looking for mustangs for sale?  Personally I’m already kicking myself for not buying a new project Mustang to play with and break over the winter time.  Unfortunately with warmer weather comes higher prices for mustangs for sale.

I sold my 92 LX last summer, mainly because I was over my head.  Now, I’ve been getting the itch, like everyone else, which is driving the cost of Mustangs through the roof on eBay and local classifieds.  While during the winter a nice running mid 90’s Ford Mustang GT could be had for under $5,000 with plenty of goodies.

The outlook doesn’t look good and I fully expect the price of Mustangs for sale to continue to rise until sometime in December.  Maybe I’ll luck out and find an actual local listing for a decent Mustang on Craigslist.

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