What Is Full Auto Coverage

Buying auto insurance becomes a complicated buying process, if you avoid the cheapest is best scam.  One common difference between policy is full auto coverage and only liability coverage.  So, what is full auto coverage?

I would consider full auto coverage an insurance policy that covers you if you cause an accident and if you are involved in an accident caused by someone else.  Liability insurance only covers the person’s vehicle you get in an accident with, it will not cover the damage to your vehicle.  Full auto coverage however will cover both you and the other persons car in the case of an accident.

This question came up to me recently when I paid off two of our vehicles.  If you have a lien on your vehicle the lien holder requires full coverage to protect their investment and loan collateral.  Therefore, I had the option to drop down to a lower cost liability only auto insurance coverage.  No thanks.

For the little cost involved per month, I would much rather sleep easier knowing that my vehicle was under full auto coverage.  My wife and I are both really good drivers and (knock on wood) have only been in 1 accident our entire lives.  But the peace of mind knowing that we will have money towards a replacement vehicle, because of our full auto coverage, helps me breathe easier.

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