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Back in September I sugested using as a source for old hubcaps and center caps for almost any vehicle you drive.  Unfortunately, the company has not held up it’s end of the bargain and has done nothing but frustrate customers that I’ve sent to them.  This post is a warning to those looking to buy centercaps, look elsewhere. Some comments about

It looks like a good website but these guys have no customer service and do not stand behind what they sell. I ordered a cap and they sent me the wrong one. They would not respond to numerous e-mails about exchanging the cap and they do not have a phone number you can call. BUYER BEWARE! I agree with Unsatisfied. I also purchased from and the items never arrived! Called, emailed — never heard from them. Had to dispute the charge with Visa in order to get my money back. I’ve gotten into a big mess trying to help my folks who are not Internet-savvy to find center caps for their car. Here I thought I was doing them a favor, and it’s just a ripoff.

Avoid when possible, the reviews speak for themselves and I would hate for someone else to get ripped off.  Remember, when buying online always make sure the company you are buying from has published contact information, this helps build integrity.  Furthermore, it’s much safer to do business via a brick’n mortar business as opposed to a wholesale drop shipper.

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  1. couch2255

    I total agree they sent me very very very used centercaps. I cant find an address to send them back .. They Suck!

  2. Very Upset

    I got ripped off! I paid for 4 center caps and got 3 with a handwritten note saying they are sorry but only 3 were available and they will refund my money for the 1 that is missing! WHAT A JOKE!

  3. Tom Zanolli


  4. Bill Hoidas

    Whoever at PayPal reviewed this case is sleepwalking. The items received are not as described and are the wrong parts. The seller ( refuses to cooperate on a return. CenterCaps and PayPal’s reasoning for not resolving the case is the seller provided “proof of shipment” so using their reasoning if they had sent me a bag of fertilizer instead of center caps I’m supposed to pay for it. For a quick review of how this company does business see to review just some of their complaints. They are known to send short shipments and even old rusty parts. I plan on notifying the Pennsylvania States Attorney about and PayPal and also MasterCard Card Association. for CenterCaps and PayPal. They post no address or phone number but upon investigation I was able to find 247 1st st. Mansfield, PA 16933 (607) 433-4542. The phone # is of course disconnected. They also show another address at 251 Memorial Gardens Road Mansfield, PA 16933 (607) 329-5438 which is still live and is a cell phone answering “” in Corning, NY

  5. Christopher Post author

    Thanks for the information Bill. Great info for others looking to make an official complaint because of how treated them.

  6. Bill Hoidas

    I filed a complaint with the Office of Attorney General of Pennsylvania and they sent me a personal letter back and are investigating them. Additional complaints would help put these guys away.

  7. Gilbert M.

    Just received my order of 4 center caps…..what a ripoff!! I guess their statement that
    these caps were …”gently used…” translates to …”they have 5 scratches or less on
    each one…”. They were REALLY used!! The only thing I will put them on is the bottom
    of my trash can! Definitely, for the condition and price, ($67), I was ripped off…..beware!

  8. Jeremy E

    I just figured out that I have been scammed! They claim to ship in 72 hours, but when I made an inquiry as to where my shipment was…they played stupid. The charge posted to my credit card and they still played stupid. Then they wanted to know my email address…then my name…then my address…then the last four digits of my credit card number. All of these requests were strung out over four or five e-mails. I suspect to buy them some time? Anyway, I intend to contact the PA Attorney General’s office. Someone needs to put a stop to this!

  9. Bill Hoidas

    I forgot to make one more addition. They promptly returned my money after I contacted teh PA state’s attorney. The state’s attorney is very cooperative on this matter.

  10. Disgusted

    BEWARE OF CENTERCAPS.NET……Rip off city on these guys. Ordered an item. Sent a cheaper, wrong item. Can’t email, can’t phone to get resolution. Big time scammers!! Don’t use them. Go directly in town to find what you need !!!! They won’t get my money becuase AMEX protects me from bad guys like this.

  11. SH

    I’m here because I wanted to write a positive review for I ordered one center cap for $58.89, which if I ordered it from the dealership it would have cost me $75 plus tax. I received my order in 4-days and the cap was in great condition. The packaging was a little cheap and there was no receipt or additional paper work in the package other than a business card, but hey I got my cap. Maybe I was just lucky or maybe the folks that are having positive experiences aren’t posting there reviews. For what ever this review is worth I hope you have a good experience and that you find your cap.

  12. Nate

    This company apparently has not changed it mode of operation. I ordered a center cap on the 23rd of October and after one week sent an email asking for some kind of confirmation for the transaction. They said they would ship that day sorry for the inconvenience. After another two weeks of waiting again I email them and asked for status on my order. The reply was lost in the mail refunding your account order this item elsewhere. Sounds like the SOS to me.

  13. dustin

    The below is the email response that I sent the company. This is the first time that I recieved an item without an invoice? How can you ship items and keep track if you dont have an invoice? Please the product was dirty and in poor condition. I would not order from this site again. I just wish I had found out more info before purchase.

    I ordered my hubcaps to replace the ones currently on my vehicle.

    I have several problems with an order that I placed for four hubcaps for my Honda Civic LS 2001.

    First, the box arrived with no invoice and only a business card? I order on-line all the time and this is a first from any company.

    Second, all the hubcaps except one were extremely dirty! Not a little dirty, but they looked as if they had just been pulled off a car and dropped in the box.

    Third, all the wheel hubcaps are scratched, color faded and at best would be rated from poor to fair. My current hubcaps are the same quality.

    I am extremely disappointed in the product that was sent to my house. Not only were the hubcaps dirty, scratched, and faded, but I did not even receive an invoice. I had multiple web sites to choice from and brick and mortar stories to make my purchase. Out of all those I picked your website. Please do the right thing. I hope that my order is only a oversight and lack in quality assurance in this case.

    Please reply to my email address with a response and correction to the above problems.

  14. Mark

    I, too, was ripped off by Centercaps. I ordered two caps for replacement on my 2001 Blazer. The caps that I received had scratches on them (one even had a dent). They were filthy and more than used. In fact the caps I had intended on replacing were in better shape than the ones they sent me. I would avoid Centercaps at all costs. I, too, had no receipt in my box for the purchase. Someone needs to investigate their business.

  15. Bill


    Make sure you read my comments above. But to do a short recap for everyone you can get all of your money back including shipping. I filed a complaint with the Office of Attorney General of Pennsylvania and they sent me a personal letter back and began investigating them. Additional complaints would help put these guys away.
    You can file at
    centercaps promptly returned my money after I contacted the PA state’s attorney. The state’s attorney is very cooperative on this matter. I’m sure they will be anxious to know that centercaps didn’t learn their lesson from my one complaint.

  16. Miguel just stole $120.00+ from me, Sent me the wrong product, I returned it within the required tim eframe via certified mail and they never pickep it up; it was returned “UNCLAIMED”. My fault for not reading the reviews before ordering. This is a major scam. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM !!!!!!!!

  17. Bill Hoidas

    See my previous comments regarding their contact info. All a waste of your time though-just contact the attorney generals office as I outlined and centercaps will jump through hoops for you.

  18. Tom Miller

    I ordered my caps last week, they arrived within 4 days, were in new condition, and they promptly returned my email requesting confirmation of shipment (that I requested after reading the previous comments). So it looks like they got at least two orders right!

  19. Ben

    Yep, these guys are bad news. I actually received the correct cap but it was nasty – dirty, scratched, and just in a box with bubble wrap and a business card that has no info on it at all. I should’ve known I was in trouble when I never received an email receipt from them upon ordering.

    I’ve just emailed them as well and if my return goes well I’ll update here. Otherwise I’m writing to the Penn Atty General as well.

  20. KC

    Thought I’d add my recent experience with, particuarly because I’m an overseas customer (Australia). I ordered a replacement subaru wheel cover/hubcap for a late modern impreza after finding out that I was looking at $135 US to replace one here in Australia. I found, the site looked reputable, it was ‘backed’ by paypal (for what that’s worth) and the wheel cover was only $65 US including postage (super cheap at $10 US).

    I was a bit concerned when I received absolutely no acknowledgment whatsoever that had received my order. After two days a looked around for a review of, found the comments on this website and realised I’d made a big mistake. Rather than jumping the gun, I waited until 5 business days had passed and then sent centercaps a firm, but not rude email through their website. Surprisingly, they promptly replied that it had been sent and apologised for the delay. Almost immediately after I logged out of my email I saw my package sitting at the front door. So from ordering to delivery it only took 9 days to get to Australia (including weekends), which beats the hell out of Amazon, for example.

    The packaging itself was pretty awful. It was just in a thin box, no bubble wrap, not even a plastic bag. There was no invoice and no further contact information. The product itself seemed to be OEM and was in fairly good condition. Was it ‘new’? That’s really hard to answer. It seems unused and yet it’s scuffed and marked. The marks aren’t terrible, but enough for me to say that out of the 4 wheel covers on the car, it immediately slipped into second worst position (beaten only by a good scratch on the existing passenger-side hubcap). Nevertheless, it fitted fine and looked OEM once I put it on.

    So, a quick summary. has terrible communication, at least by today’s e-commerce standards. The product cost, the postage costs and the delivery time were awesome, but the packaging and the condition of the product was a let down. Personally, I’ve come out alright but when you’re doing business with these guys it really does seem to be like ‘Russian roulette’, which is a shame because there is a market (internationally) for someone to do this well.

  21. Christopher Post author

    Thanks for sharing your experience KC. A big problem is that no matter the cost, if you are told you are getting a new piece, but it’s not, then it’s a scam.

  22. Ben

    Well I said I’d update – I returned the cap and they credited my card. So, while the product may be bad (“gently used” equaled dirty and scratched), they did honor the return.

    I think if they were straight up about their business, ie “We sell used center caps” and their communication was better, ie emailing customers upon order and including better ways to contact, then they could recover legitimacy. Until then, though, I would steer clear.

  23. Marc

    In My experience with, this is one Co. you should stay away from & the old AXIOM, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! Really is True in this Case. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A SCAM! They did send me this E-Mail ” I can assure you we are a legit company: Well all I can say is They do not act like ONE . This Co. does not even deserve a star, that is how bad they are. So I say again PLEASE BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM!

  24. Jeff

    thank you all for the reviews. It stopped me from ordering from these guys!
    Just noticed that the “positive” review from “SH” on Sept. 8 2009 at 9:06am is exactly the same as the one i found on superpages…about 4th one down.
    Here is the link:

    Seems like way more than a coincidence.

    FYI – i emailed them about my vehicle and asked about the address they publish on their website…they ignored it and never replied. The address they publish is:
    181 Hills Creek Road, Wellsboro, PA but when you do a reverse search it comes up as: Charleston Baptist Church.

    Keep fighting and put them out of business

  25. Melissa

    I was really worried after I read these reviews about I bought from the site before checking reviews (Stupid I know!), but I am happy to say mine came in the mail today and was perfect. Perhaps, they are getting their act together?

  26. jason

    Add me to the not a fan column. The caps they sent me are in bad shape. But after reading all your horror stories I’m not chancing a return. I’ll be riding dirty with my heavily-worn-advertised-as-new center caps until I find decent replacements. Definitely not worth the $35 per cap I paid. $10 maybe. Wish I had sought out this site sooner.

  27. Ryan

    When I read these reviews and reviews on other sites, I thought for sure I’d been f*#@ed over. Even though I’m screwed over before by other websites (, I try not to be too cynical about these sorts of things. To my surprise, I actually received my order in the mail today (one center cap) and it’s exactly as advertised. No problems here. I feel bad for those that had a bad experience, but I’m sure those that have a good experience don’t always take the time to write about it.

    Now, I just question where they get these “used” caps. Are they just taking them off of peoples’ cars?

  28. Rosie

    I gotta say I was impressed after i received my order i had read all these complaints after i had purchased my centercaps and it got me a lil nervous about what i was gonna get in the mail but i got my order today 4 days later and i gotta say i am really impressed it was clean and they sent the right centercap no problems at all whatsoever i am so happy with my centercap

  29. Bill Hoidas

    Sorry “Rosie” only a fool couldn’t see that you are a wringer. Nice try centercaps especially the intentional typos and bad grammar in attempt to make the comment look real

  30. Kym Howell

    I have a different complaint than the above… I did a search for a single center cap and found a couple sites that offered them for about $20 but wanted $15 for shipping. On both sites I had to register(filling out address,email, passord etc) to get the shipping price. I felt $15 was a little excessive so kept looking an came to CenterCaps site. They had a price for the wheel but none for the cap. I clicked on the cap and the next page looked like another registration page and showed an amount charged of $19.95. I filled it out an clicked submit and never got anything that showed a shipping charge. Thought that a little strange but know other companies that ship for free so I was happy to save the $15. A couple weeks passed and my wife reminded me that the cap never showed up. I found the charge on my account and then went back to the site to find out that the $19.95 is a monthly membership fee??? and first month is non refundable… I got nothing for $19.95 except pissed off. To cancel my monthly fee I have to fax them a form… wish I had researched this company first. Hello PA attorney general…

  31. James S.

    I am very thankful I found these comments before I decided to order from this company. Because of your willingness to share your experiences, I will avoid this danger. Sometimes I forget to search a company and just take my chances. This time I did my homework…whew! BTW, I completely agree with Mr. Hoidas that “Rosie” is a wringer. They usually stand out in blogs.

  32. Edwin

    I have a slightly different story to tell about Centercaps. I ordered four caps and they never came. Contacted them to advise, and they apparently sent another four, which also didn’t come. I THEN researched them on Google and figured, “I’ve been had”. I contacted them again, and they were apologetic, and refunded my credit card. Oddly enough, the caps did finally arrive, much later than expected. Result was I had the four caps, and had been fully refunded. I have since contacted them to attempt to pay for the product I received.

    I can say they are not scammers because I received what I ordered, albeit it late. It was frustrating to deal with them because they are not prompt in replying to e-mails despite their claim that they are on their website. They have no phone, and will not give you a number to call even if you ask for a number. The fax number on their website is not in service. All their e-mails have no name, no department, so you have no idea who is sending you the e-mail. All in all, very poor customer service, which lends itself to being suspicious about them.

    As for the caps, they were scuffed & scratched, but were a metallic silver, so with a re-spray, they look like new at about 1/3 the cost of going to the dealership

  33. Edwin

    Oh, I should mention that although they were 1/3 the cost of going to a dealership, if I ever need wheel caps in future, I will go to a dealership and not endure the hassles of dealing with a poorly run internet company

  34. Kym Howell

    I may have added my comments to the wrong site. I noticed that the site I am complaining about is CenterCaps.CC not CenterCaps.Net. That must be why I’m the only one complaining about the membership fee scam. The charge on my card reads Wheel World Outlet and if I put in I end up at the same site. When I call the number listed on my charges I get a voice mail saying all associates are busy and to please leave my email address with membership number… and it just continously loops so you can’t even leave your email.

  35. Mark Schultheis

    This site is complete horse shit! The last person who said anything on here – Kym Howell – I think they have multiple sites, and they do, So you probably have the right website. I don’t think they ever got a real order right .This should def. be reported to the BBB and they got me for 19.95, I can’t even pull up an order it says It doesn’t recognize the site, or member info. Then it comes up as Profile found, but then can not go into anything as far as ordering. COMPLETE HORSE CRAP

    I was only looking for a center cap for a chrome FORTE F 48 20 Inch rim 20 x 9. It fits pretty well on my chevy impala 02.

    Besides this website ripping off the past 50+ people that left comments in the period of a year and a few months…I am ready to rally in front of their headquarters and demand my 19.95 back…lol — PO BOX 131921 Houston, TX 77219 — Fax 800.655.7970

  36. Andy

    My story is similar to most of the others, but the end result is okay by me. I was told the caps I ordered were on their way, but 3 days later was told they were out of stock and would refund my money. I was basically given the run around for about 2 weeks, and then got my money back. It was a pretty bad experience due to their lack of customer service, but thanks to the above posts on this website I was able to at least keep my $120 I spent on centercaps. On a side note, does anybody know of a good place to buy centercaps for a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado? Some punk stole mine and I would buy new wheels when I buy new tires, but I already paid for the factory 20″ wheels.

  37. jim

    purchased a center cap, was not told when i ordered that it would be used. received 5 days after they told i would receive it. It is scratched, the lug-nut covers are stripped, and i have no way of contacting them. i will call state of PA district attorney office and better business bureau, i do not recommend that anybody buy from this company.

  38. Maineiac

    I bought 1 center cap from this outfit. Received it in a timely fashion and it looked like the right one but for some reason it fits too loose and just falls out so I believe that it is a reject that I was sold.

  39. OldGuy23

    I ordered a single centercap for a 2001 Bonneville on 12/27/10, and it arrived in today’s mail. It fits well and matches the other three used ones on the vehicle. I also thought I was buying a new one, but I am satisfied with the service and product for the $9 I paid.
    The only paperwork enclosed was a business card. For those who need it the address is 181 Hills Creek Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901; Fax 570-723-8744 (no voice number provided).

  40. David Duran

    Well I should have shown better judgement.
    The 4 centercaps I ordered and recieved were pure junk.
    Can you believe somebody with the power to do so has not shut this junk dealer down. They got my for 71.00 for 4 scratched up centercaps.They looked like they came off a wrecked car.There is no way they all could have got that scratched up under normal use.I was absolutely RIPPED OFF

  41. Freaking pisst

    Ordered cap from an the part is in worst condition than the caps I already have on my 92 acura. The ad was misleading. The part arrived scuffed and dirty. Yes dirt and grass on the used part that was sent to me. I paid premium price for a junk yard part.

  42. David Duran


    I tried to return my junky centercaps and spent $9.00 plus $71.00 to buy there crappy scratched up centercaps .Never heard back from them.
    They got me for $80.00 total.

  43. Bill Hoidas

    see above comments at the top-report them to the States Attorney-very easy to do. You will get your money back quickly. If enough of you report them they will shut them down

  44. Lisa

    After reading the comments was a little afraid of what I would or would not be receiving. I did receive my cap it was clean a little sctatched but in good shape. Will not use again to many negative comments.

  45. Zach

    I was woried about this site after all the bad reviews, but i’m happy to say i was another lucky happy customer and just wanted to add another positive reply to the many, many bad ones. I still dont plan on using the site again b/c like i said i was probably just lucky this time.

  46. Sharon

    I ordered two center caps for my husband’s 2000 Toyota Tundra. I received them within a week and we were very satisfied. The website said they were used and there was a couple of scratches on them but they looked good and were clean. Another satisfied customer!

  47. Marsheka

    I just received my 2 centercaps that I ordered last Friday. I was so worried because I didn’t do my research on the website until after I purchased them. When I saw all of the bad comments about the site, I was sure that I wasn’t going to get my order. I don’t think I will order again because there is not a reliable contact source. I feel so lucky because my centercaps were in great condition.

  48. Rick

    I was foolish enough to buy centercaps for my parent’s car from this rip off website. I did receive the centercaps but they didn’t fit and they would not refund or exchange. Don’t buy from these losers!

  49. Celine Beaupre

    Never purchased from them, got a package in the mail last week. Call them at Phone: (607) 329-5438 and left a message. Followed up with an email:

  50. Chris

    I also was stupid enough to use these Morons! Quick to take my $ , but no correspondense at all. The Phone # listed is A fax MACHINE. i AM NOT WITH THESE DOPES YET. Paypal also need to get on board with their crappy practices

  51. Trevoe

    I figured i would give it a shot since the caps at the dealer were so much more. It was as advertised: no phone number, caps were used, the packaging was a used box. But, really, cap is no more beat up than my others, it arrived on time, and it was exactly what i ordered. Works for me.

  52. chris barry

    3/12/12 Ordered two hubcaps for my 2010 Corolla,which were stolen from my car. Price was good,1/2 of what my dealership would have charged but make no mistake: the hubcaps I received were USED. Not heavily but that’s not the point. The point is: I was not informed they were used.
    Also,no invoice in shipping box so I could easily return them if unacceptable. Memo to self: ALWAYS read reviews (comments) BEFORE I order online. Also,no phone number to reach them!

  53. Dean

    Because of the price they were asking I assumed it would be used! I received the order quickly (within a week) and received the wrong cap. I sent it back along with the one I needed that was broke. They again responded quickly and I received the cap I needed along with the broken one that I had sent them. I am sorry about all the problems others have had but I was treated fairly. I paid $35 for a cap that was in great shape and saved $40 for the $75 that the Toyota dealer wanted! No complaints here. I do wish you could contact them by phone but they answered emails quickly!

  54. Ellen McCraney

    I ordered a centercap for my Dads Buick and received it within 5 business days. Was nervous after reading these reviews after the fact (I know, not a good idea) . But, Received it in 5 business days; good shape for used and the wire and clips were all intact. Most important, it fit the car model as stated . I discovered that the owner also sells on EBay under the name vehicleownersmanual .

  55. Ken Temkin

    Ordered a replacement Toyota Corolla hubcap–price was $100 less than from the dealer. It came in about a week–fit perfectly and is indistinguishable from the other three hubcaps. Would definitely use again.

  56. Jane Eisnor

    Go elsewhere. Their header used to say New and Used Hubcaps—-very –deceptive—After my contacts with the BBB and The PA DA’s Ofc as instructed in the other comments they changed it.I then had American Express reverse the charge. American Express sided with me and they got nothing.

  57. Wil

    I ordered centercaps for my 97 accord and they came used and filthy with one of them coming apart. They said that I was subject to a 5% restocking fee. I wrote them a nice email explaining how the fee made no sense since the caps came off another car and not a box for shelving. I got a full refund and an apology. I found the caps at another site that had them brand new for about $20 cheaper for the set.

  58. Troy

    I recently purchased a hub cap assuming it was new. Nothing on the web site indicated it was a used scratched one. Infact it was dirty as is their business. No phone number just a fax . I emailed them several times no response””’

  59. L

    My gently used centercap arrived one week after I ordered it from Canada. The website was very easy to use, and the paypal link worked like a charm. It filled out the required info and sent paypal confirmation. A postal tracking number became active within a couple of days. The item arrived in a bubble wrapped envelope, with a business card inside. The used cap is in good condition, and snapped on just fine. It is not new and not flawless, however it is as good as the other caps on my car. Glad that I ordered this tough to find cap from centre caps.

  60. Christopher Post author

    L, that seems to be far to nice of a crafted message for the company we are discussing.

    This company is border line a scam in my opinion, simply because nowhere on their website, that I could find, does it mention that the caps you would be receiving would be used. Therefore, I would assume the price I’m paying is for a new part, not one that has seen use.

  61. tony

    Same as most above I ordered a cap got one that fit something else. I emailed them and got an email back showing I had the right one, except it was for a truck and I ordered one for my car. They ask that I ship it back at my expense and after they recieve it they will send the correct one in 5 days. I look the right part up on their site and it shows out of stock. Out 22 bucks and now I pay shipping back too ?

    1. Christopher Post author

      Tony, really stinks people are still getting shafted by this company. I’m not sure how they are still in business after all this negative feedback and obviously upsetting customers.

  62. Kevin K

    The seller suggested I ordered the wrong part and I responded with well MAYBE I did but it said it was the right one in the ad.  The seller then insisted I ordered the wrong part. 
    I live in a rural part of the country in the mountains with little resources.  I called and informed seller that I did not have access to internet or printer to print label at that time and could not return the item through eBay.  The seller then gave me instructions on how to send the package.  The seller said to write the RMA# on the box and gave me the address to mail the package back and I did so. 
    The seller informed eBay the item was never returned or received.
    I mailed the package on 4/18/16 for $16.65.  I have the transaction listed on my bank account record.  Unfortunately, I lost the tracking number and upon informing the seller of this event they later proceeded to report to eBay that I never sent it and they never received it. 
    On 5/19/2016 in the sellers BBB response he states, “…we still PROMPTLY authorized their return request AND paid for a return shipping label through the return request he opened.”  This is not true, they denied my return. 
    In his response to my BBB complaint dated 5/29/2016, the seller states “Eventually, we did receive this customer’s return.”  The seller then states, “we had no choice but to write Return To Sender on it and send it back to the buyer.”  To this day, I have not received the item and have confirmed this with my local USPS office. The item was never returned to me.
    This seller has committed libel in his written claims in this BBB case. 
    In his response posted on the BBB website dated 5/16/16 seller writes, “He put her (his girlfriend) on the phone and she proceeded to scream and cuss at us” This is not true. I was listening when the seller spoke to my girlfriend and there was absolutely no cussing or screaming.
    On 5/17/16 the seller again states, “When we called back to inquire, his girlfriend screamed at us and cussed at us repeatedly.  Again, there was no screaming or cussing. 


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