2010 Lexus RX 450H

It’s the third generation of the Lexus crossover and will be officially be on sale in the UK this summer.  The Lexus RX was the first premium luxury vehicle to offer options for hybrid technology and the RX 450H expands on that technology.

Some of the new hybrid technology in the power train will reduce emissions further than the original RX hybrid model.  However, just because the latest 450H is green, does not mean that it’s lacking in power.  According to Lexus it will have the highest power output in it’s class of hybrids.

Lexus is showing off it’s latest RX at the Geneva Auto Show this March.  Take note of the improvements within the cockpit and safety upgrades for this next generation Lexus RX 450H hybrid.

2010 RX 450H

2010 RX 450H

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