$75 Tire Rack Gift Card

The wintery season is not behind us and the slippery stuff makes us  take a closer look at our tires.  Tire Rack is willing to help you out by offering a $75 gift card for buying a set of Continental Tires.

Continental is a great company that manufacturers quality tires for almost every time of vehicle.  Their current tire offerings cover car, truck, suv, and commercial tires with a variety of differnet rubber compounds and styles.  Furthermore, as a company Continental is moving forward in these uncertain times, by completing a new acquisition as frequent as January 09.

On January 8, 2009 Continental completed their acquisition of Schaeffler KG.  The Schaeffler company manufacturers ball bearing components and has focused it’s attention on commercial and heavy duty applications.  The Continental take over will most likely translate into Continental developing more products and technology focused on the service sector.  Point being, Continental Tires are not going away anytime soon and you can buy their tires knowing it’s not a company that will be going the way of the DoDo anytime soon.

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Get a $75 Gift Card from Continental Tires

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