Jaguar XF Earns ‘Best Executive Car’ Award

Upper class rejoice, over paid CEO’s start clapping, and the rest of us, well just look stunned that there was such an award.  What Car? is Britains biggest car buying guide and as such hosted their latest Awards ceremony last night in London.  The Jaguar XF ran away with the award for the second year running.

WhatCar? editor, Steve Fowler, commented: “Jaguar’s XF is a deserving winner once again – and it’s about to get even better with new, greener engines. The XF is all about style, poise and pace – driving one is always a special occasion and the interior is one of the most dramatic of any car at any price.”

Dramatic is right, considering in the US the Jaguar XF holds a price tag of around $60k, loaded with toys.  Most reviewers never tire of the latest 09 XF gadgets like rotating vents and rising gear selectors.  For a common man like myself, these options just feel like something else that could break.  However, I am not the target audience, it’s the executives and they have to impress their friends some how.

The 2010 XF will be available for ordering now, but dont’ expect to get your money smelling hands on them till around March.

09 Jaguar XF

09 Jaguar XF

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