BMW 750 Price Increase

BMW announced yesterday that there will be a price incrase on their 750i and 750li model cars.  From 08 to 09 there will be a $3,500 price in crease on their 750i and $4,300 price increase on their 750li models.  In a time when most auto manufacturers are posting lost sales and driving prices down, BMW says they saw a 15.3 percent increase in sales since 07, confident their increase won’t hurt sales.

It’s not surprising that luxury vehicles will be going up in price, since their sales are not nearly effected as much as standard vehicles.  Standard vehicles being bought and sold by common Americans start feeling the pinch anytime the economy takes a dip, but luxury vehicles have a history of remaining unchanged during tough times.  One of the oldest examples of constant sales in automobiles is of the Chevy Corvette.  Even during tough times in US history, Corvette sales remained unchanged.  A different class of people buying a different class of cars…the minority.

Meanwhile in the real world, I’ll keep my 97 F150 chugging along.

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