09 Mustang For Sale

Going into 09 the US is attempting to pull itself through a recession, but every gray cloud has a silver lining, hence The Grayline.  The grayline amongst auto enthusiasts is the drastic drop in prices for new and used cars, especially those that are a little harder on the gas mileage.  Specifically Ford Mustangs are dropping in price and the upcoming models like the 09 adn 2010 models are dirt cheap compared to previous years.

Demand for 09 Mustangs is significantly down, but it’s hard to point the finger at one specific factor.  Gas prices may be a leading cause, but lately those prices have plummeted as well.  Mustangs are considered a luxury item, after all Mustangs are the best thing to go get groceries in, nor can they hall a load of kids to soccer practice.  So the price of an 09 Mustang plummets and the enthusiasts, with a little extra dough, get to reap the benefits.

09 Mustang

09 Mustang

I’m always on the look out for a deal, specifically online where the market place for Mustangs is much larger than my podunk local lot.  The really good deals I’ve found are coming off of eBay, where they regularly offer low priced entry fee auctions.  This means that somebody looking to unload a cheap car can do so, well cheaply.  The initial listing fee was completely dropped a few months ago in eBay motors, flooding the marketplace.

What may not mean good news for sellers is great news for buyers.  Currently looking at eBay there are over 25 listings of 09 Mustangs for under $1500.  Now, this doesn’t mean there is not a reserve, but obviously the demand is low and it’s still possible to snag a deal.  I’ve had experience where even though the reserve has not been met, the auction ends and then the seller contacts the buyer with a second offer.  Generally this second offer is below the initial reserve, allowing the seller to cut their losses and get out from under the access inventory.

Moral of the story, keep your eyes peeled because 09 is going to be the year of  Mustang Deals.

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