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Buying the right tire is much more involved than spending a few hours in line at Wal-mart only to have some snot nosed kid throw some cheapies on the rim.  Often times, for real enthusiasts, purchasing the right tire may be just as important decision as what type of rim to buy.  Factors involved with the purchase of tires range from use, to durability, life, and of course if they will look appealing on your vehicle.


When buying 4×4 tires the decision to purchase the right tires can be even more difficult.  4×4 tires can be a lot more expensive than your typical set of radials, typically durability and thread design has a bigger impact on the final value price.  Furthermore there are a lot of reputable brands to review and make sure they will fit your 4×4 needs.  For example a 4×4 tire for a real off roader looking to throw mud will buy a different tire than the soccer mom looking to outfir tires on their Lexus 4×4.

Xterrain is a 4×4 tire manufacturer that has a great reputation amongst the true off-road crowd.  Their ProComp series of 4×4 tires are used in competitions and are affordable enough to outfit any hobby truck or suv.  If you are new to 4×4 tire purchasing then it’s important to realize that while you may not recognize the name, Xterrain is made by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.  It’s typical of big name manufacturers to produce a 4×4 tire under a different name, so as you research your tires, expect to see some big names hiding behind popular 4×4 ‘extreme’ titles.

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