What All New Drivers Should Know

As I obtained my driver’s license as a teenager it was for me a ticket to a new world. It gave me the freedom that I, and all teenagers, see as their passage to the adult world. However, this new freedom also imply new risks. An automobile can be a wonderful or a terrible tool in the hands of an inexperienced driver.

Before giving the car’s keys to a new teenager driver consider evaluating you insurance policy. Does it cover drivers of all ages and drivers with a newly obtained driver’s license? Take the insurance card always with when driving. The police may request it and you have to show it after an accident. Read the small print about what it covers and what it doesn’t. For new drivers, full cover may be expensive, but depending on your mileage, it is the way to go. Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you only drive on weekend, you need less protection, since accidents happen exactly on weekends. If the premium is too high, but you still want full protection, consider completing a certified driving security training. These course take normally just a couple of days and will make any driver experience his limits and the braking pattern of his own car.

As a side note, consider that another interesting way of still being fully protected by your insurance policy it to choose a hybrid automobile. Leasing or owning a green car will make some insurance policies 10% cheaper. In the saving is double, since ecologically friendly cars consume less gas.

Of course, you cannot only rely on your insurance policy to keep accident costs low. New drivers have to be specially careful about speed and road conditions. It is all about knowing where your limits are. These are two point that new drivers, especially those on their teens, don’t take enough into account. In winter, road conditions can vary rapidly and a new driver will have serious trouble maintaining the car straight the first time.

The new driver should also know his car and extras -first aid kit, jumper cables, camera, spare tire, the route, and cell phone. Make sure that everything is working, and that the new driver knows how to use everything.

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