Picture Key Chain

Coby Keychain

Coby Keychain $19.99

Coby Keychain

Coby Keychain $10.79

Tao Key Chain

Tao Key Chain $19.97

I’m going to force myself to buy Christmas gifts a little bit earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  To do so, I full intend on taking advantage of online shopping, instead of braving the left overs from Black Friday.  Also, like most families mine will not be spending a lot on each other and instead intend on buying smaller more thoughtful gifts.  For some this sounds like a great idea, but can make buying a good inexpensive gift more difficult.  I have the solution!

This year I plan on buying my family members all a picture key chain.  However, unlike other Christmas presents I’m going to open these up before wrapping them and upload pictures of my daughter and the rest of my family.  That way when the grandparents and other family members open up their gift on Christmas Day it will already have recognizable smiling faces looking back at them.

So, I’ve managed to purchase inexpensive gifts for the whole family, because at most the picture key chain will only cost about $20.00.  Furthermore each gift is thoughtful and personal because I will have already installed personal pictures on each persons photo key chain.

Feel free to steal my ideas, there is still time to have these items shipped before Christmas Day.  Otherwise I’ll just plan on seeing you in the Wal-Mart parking lot come December 24th.

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