Teens Buying cars

Teens Buying Cars

Teens Buying Cars

When you were younger and you became old enough to drive did your parents give you a car? Chances are they did not. I see and hear teens talking today on how they can’t wait to turn 16 as their parents are going to buy them a car so they can drive. At just 15.5 years old in a lot of states a teen can legally drive by themselves from sun up to sun down. Considering they can get the permit at 15 that means they only have 5 months experience. Some teens can drive fine at that age but most should not even be driving alone for sure.

But lets not rant on that. Kids today get everything handed to them. Once they get a drivers license they get a car and their insurance and probably their gas is also payed by the parents. All they might have to do is help around the house a couple of hours a week or in some cases they don’t have to do anything extra. This is the wrong thing for parents to do. Kids today just don’t seem to treasure stuff they get like the previous generation did. I think kids should be taught to be responsible and to earn what they get.

When I turned 17 I bought my first car. Well I took out a loan or my mom did and I started paying for my car. I also payed for my own insurance,tires,repairs and maintenance and anything else the car needed. I did not go out and by a brand new car either. I was smarter than that but I did get a nice 2001 Honda civic ex. It gets great fuel economy and is perfect for a starter car.

I bet that if you made your child pay for his or her car they would think more of it. They might not drive it as hard or as crazy if they were the ones paying the repair bills either. If they had to work 20 hours a week to drive they might just take care of the car,what a thought! After all they earned it with their own money and it was not some handout. I think teaching this life lesson early can really help you kid later in life. Being responsible with bills and such can pay off big time when they go out and get their first house. I know I learned a lot about bill paying and budgets.

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  1. Dav Wayman

    @Texas DWI Attorney – I do agree with your, times have really changed. I think I got mine when I was already working. I had to work hard just so I can afford one. haha. With today’s trend, I do advice parents to check sites such as http://hornsbymazda.com.au/ so they can be guided in choosing the ideal car for their kids.


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