09 Porsche 911 Turbo

Reviews are starting to pop up everywhere for the new Porsche 09 911 Turbo and everyone is beaming with excitement over the all new automatic transmission.  According to professional car experts it’s the first automatic EVER to be considerd for a replacement for those that love manual shift fast cars.  Apparently it’s worth the $5,560 option to get the, 5 years in the making, auto transmission.

Cosmetic wise the 09 911 has seen a few updates, like LED running day time lights and signals.  Also there are more wheel choices to match your personal taste when buying a new 911 Turbo.

Other than the above points it’s more of the same, which is a winning combination.  If I were to hit the lottery and purchase one new car, this would be it.  The 09 911 smells like sex, looks like sex, and loves being put in the garage still dripping wet.

09 Porsche 911

09 Porsche 911

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