RennTech GLK Hybrid Rally Car

RennTech, a popular Mercedes tuning company, is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a hybrid rally car to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.   The worlds most potent green machine will function with the same hybrid technology found in Chevrolet and Saturn hybrid vehicles.  However, RennTech is utilizing electric motors in the GLK to help PUSH the light weight rally car out of turns.

Obviously there are a number of other changes to the rally car that are typical with rally race cars.  For example you will find the obligatory fascia modifications and humongous spoiler to aid in high speed stability.

“With the Rally Racer, we have really increased the car’s performance,” continues Feyhl. “Together with the more aggressive, sporting look, we have created a powerful and exciting package.”

RennTech is hoping to prove that high performance nad efficiency can coexist.  Furthermore then note that advancements in the automotive industry were done by enthusiasts that pushed the envelope and demanded higher performance at a lower cost.  The RennTech GLK hybrid rally car will definitely be a site to see at the Auto Show.  Viva La Revolucion!

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