09 Honda Fit

For me, the Fit does not mean Go, but for a tiny hatch car I guess the 09 Honda Fit ranks higher than others.  The Honda Fit becomes even more appealing when you look at the lateset numbers showing that Honda and Toyota are now the rulers of the US market, taking over 30% of the business with GM only at 20%.

As for the second generation 09 Honda Fit, it’s got a few upgrades that would intice those sick of high gas prices.  For example, the new 4 cylinder 1.5 litre engine now is capable of 117 horsepower, which hauls the shrunk mini-van to 60 in 9 seconds.  Not something I’d want to pull out onto the interestate with, but hey anything to save gas money right now…right?  The 09 Fit gets a reportedly 33 miles per gallon highway driving.

But let’s not forget that the pice of larger SUVs and Trucks are dropping in price right now as well.  The Sport model 09 Honda Fit comes in at $17,580 and that amount will buy you a lot more car and/or truck if you are willing to sacrifice a little gas mileage.  So that’s the main reason the Fit does not mean Go for me, but it looks like the perfect car for a girl getting ready to go to college.

09 Honda Fit

09 Honda Fit

6 thoughts on “09 Honda Fit

  1. prufrock

    Wow! Talk about “damning with faint praise!” I’m no girl getting ready to go to college but a father who just visited his daughter in college. On the way to see her, the Fit averaged over 40 MPG on the highway; moreover, it’s a more spirited ride than my ’02 V6 Accord coupe. Yeah, I guess that the cost of steroidal-sized SUVs and trucks is dropping. Who cares? Today, GM and Ford posted losses beyond compare. Who knows? Maybe if other car companies were as visionary as Honda, our economy would not be in the plight it is. But, hey, you can buy a Cadillac Escalade hybrid for $75,000 while still getting 20 MPG! At least you’re getting leather instead of a cloth interior. I’m a big fan of Japan’s ’08 car of the year….

  2. Christopher Post author

    Hi prufrock.

    I’m not against smaller vehicles that get good gas mileage, it’s the looks of these trash cans going down the road that bothers me. But I realize I’m not the only one buying vehicles, so if you are happy, great!

    For example, I really like the looks of the Ford Fusion, Fords new Flex, and even the older Focus.

    I’m not willing to sacrifice $17,000 on a car that looks like a midget dumpster on wheels.

  3. Zoltan

    People who think that a Ford is in any way a better car than a Honda are the main reason for the crisis of American car industry.

  4. Pete

    yeah, there were a lot of people who agreed with Christopher, but they’re now too old to drive. When was the last time you was a new Crown Vic? I have an 07 Fit Sport stick, and I can keep up with Mercedes and BMWs on the twisty roads around here. 0-60 in 9 seconds and you wouldn’t feel comfortable on the interstate? What a loser! How often do you enter a freeway going flat out, pedal to the metal? If you are, you need a driving refresher course. A few seconds in acceleration time don’t really matter in daily driving.

  5. Christopher Post author

    I’ve never been a Crown Vic. However, citing my previous comment(where i list other small vehicles), not sure where you are coming from Pete. You don’t need to justify your trash can to me, as long as you are happy with it, that’s what’s important.

    As for my driving style, I just enjoy driving, pushing vehicles to the limit, and performance makes my toes curl. So yes, my daily driving is probably a bit different than yours.


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