18 Pictures of Wrecked Lamborghinis

Time to come out of your houses and start rubbing your arms like it’s cold, because below are some of the most amazing shots of wrecked Lamborghini’s.  These super cars cost more than my house, but are much more likely to run into light poles, mail boxes, pedestrians, and guard rails.  And thanks to that I am able to bring you the hottest pictures of wrecked super cars below.

Go ahead, shed a tear, it’s ok for a man to cry over pictures as gruesome as this.

2 thoughts on “18 Pictures of Wrecked Lamborghinis

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  2. Steve

    Hi all,

    Ouch… I hear that these cars are a bag of sh@t to drive at speed. It is only when they have been modified further for the race track that they come into there own. Who needs that sort of speed anyway?


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