09 Subaru Forester

The results are in and the 09 Subaru Forester is named Motor Trends SUV of the year.  However, Motor Trend is quick to point out that they did not make the choice for the Forester based on pump prices alone.  Although it would be hard to ignore a 4 wheel drive SUV that gets consistent 16 miles per gallon, make that 19 on the non-turbo versions.

09 Subaru Forester

09 Subaru Forester

Instead Motor Trend sites the 09 Forester ability to be fast, with only a 4 cylinder and 4 speed transmission, and it’s massive interior storage capacity.  In addition, they were quick to mention how fun the Forester actually was to drive, especially for those who venture off road.  The 09 Forester ride height is enough to take it almost anywhere, at least compared with other similar models that it was pitted against.

Last but not least Motor Trend discussed starting prices with the 09 Subaru Forester in comparison to other SUV’s in it’s class.  For a standard Forester the starting price is only $20,660 and if you want the super optioned out 09 Forester 2.5XT it’s $31,523.  In a contest where being compared to $80,000 Lexus SUV’s the 09 Forester shined and won the hearts of those at Motor Trend.

09 Forester on eBay
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