Adding A Real Train Horn To Your Truck or Car

Want to know one of the “loudest” modifications you can make to your ride? Try adding a real train horn to it! That’s right, you can purchase full train horn kits for any vehicle and transform them to one of the loudest cars in your town. Check out for some crazy videos of train horns scaring people on the street!

The horns are powered via air supply which comes from a small compressor and stored in an air tank. Once initiated, the valve quickly releases the air causing the powerful honk to come to life. Horn kits range from $299 to well over $1,000. There are several horns, compressors, and tanks to choose from making them compatible with virtually any vehicle! Most kits come with everything you need to install and starting blasting. Some horns are also all chrome, so they look great on your car or truck.

Adding a train horn to your ride can be really cool. If your in traffic, and someone decides to starting coming over to your lane, you can give a friendly honk, or you can let them know you don’t play games! If you decide to purchase a kit, please use it responsibly. You can view several train horns and train horn kits at

2 thoughts on “Adding A Real Train Horn To Your Truck or Car

  1. joe

    “If you decide to purchase a kit, please use it responsibly.” Yeah, I’d have to agree with this. The video I saw of the train horn was mostly harmless, but some of the honks were obnoxious or even downright dangerous, like going right up to kids riding their bicycle on a sidewalk and wailing on the horn. Not cool. I admit some of the reactions are amusing, people literally jumping, screaming or running. If I bought the train horn I’d use it like my next door neighbor uses their horn. Whenever they see us out in their lawn they give two friendly honks, that would be awesome sounding like a locomotive!

  2. Train horns

    I sell train horns and a majority of people that buy the horns use them to scare people. I’m not a big fan of my horns being used for that purpose, but is it my place to tell people not to use them for that reason.

    Also, at the same time if that is my target market shouldn’t that be who I’m targeting to. I’m not sure its morally wrong scaring people, but if it caused an acident I would feel horrible.

    Nice post, have a great day


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