New Touareg R50

The newest SUV from Volkswagen, the Touareg R50 is just MASSIVE.  We are talking meaty in a way that European cars and SUVs are not, we’re talking this thing has more room than a modest flat for the majority of those blokes(How about some tea and crumpets? -ed).  Also, the Touareg R50 is capable of pumping out over 350 horsepower, so you know it’s coming, and you know to stay out of it’s way.

The sleek lines of the VW SUV make it righ at home amongst the city lights, which is good considering you probably dont’ want to take this thing off roading any time soon.  The Touareg R50 is over $110,000 USD, which probably means you don’t know what offroad is anyways.  Furthermore, the price of gas probably doesn’t effect where you drive either.

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