09 Saturn Aura

Over 30 miles per gallon and a fairly potent 4 cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed transmission makes the 09 Aura a winner as far as I’m concerned.  Although it still kind of looks bland, as much of the Saturn car line up does, it fits the bill in terms of economy and luxury.

Reviews are pouring in that love the great buy that is the 09 Saturn Aura at less than $25,000.  The 09 Aura is getting extra marks in it’s interior department due to it’s mix of elegance and ‘just enough’ functionality.  Furthermore the double stitched and supportive seats fit perfectly for the reviewers who took it for a spin.

But where the 09 Aura gets the most praise is where the 6-speed transmission meets the 4 cylinder engine.  Instead of being clunky and jumping through only 4 gears under heavy acceleration, the Aura is smooth and precise.  The extra automatic gears gives the illusion that you are driving a much more sophisticated and expensive car.

The four-cylinder XR delivers. It hits 33 mpg on the highway — outperforming the Camry and Honda Accord. It manages 22 mpg in the city, which seems a little low, but acceptable when you consider average mileage is in the high 20s.

09 Saturn Aura

09 Saturn Aura

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