Lexus Ad Banned By Climate Nazis

I try to leave my politics out of my automotive blog, but this news story takes the cake.  Apparently a recent Lexus ad, displaying it’s new RX 400h SUV hybrid, upset some environmentalists and got it banned.  According to those opposed to the advertisement it created an appearance that the Lexus SUV did not have an impact on the environment, or at least it was cleaner than it really was.

Banned Lexus Ad

Banned Lexus Ad

The Advertising Standards Authority was responsible for removing the ad amongst a number of complaints.  The primary complaint was that the SUV caused ‘little to no harm’ to the environment, rather than just being a good choice in todays economy and environment.  Hell, after all this SUV hybrid goes above and beyond current standards, so I’m not sure why such a rash action on behalf of the ASA would be taken.

People who complain about stuff like this need to get out and get a job.  Seriously.

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