09 Silverado Hybrid

Could it be true, will Chevrolet introduce the first hybrid light duty pick up truck in it’s 2009 Silverado?  It looks like it will come to fruitition, with a 2-mode hybrid power plant the future of this truck looks promising.  A much more promising effort than was tried a few years ago with their ‘mild’ hybrid engine.

According to Chevrolet the 09 Silverado hybrid will be capable of going 30mph and tow up to 6,100 lbs without even starting up it’s gasoline engine.  The half-ton pickup will feature a 6.0 litre V8 pumping out 330+ horsepower via a 2-Wheel drive or 4-Wheel drive transmission.

I’m stoked about the possibility of having access to hybrid technology that’s actually usable, instead of a little casket on wheels.  Unfortunately, like all technology I’m sure it’s going to be the early adopters that will pay the price.  Perhaps in another 10 years purchasing a hybrid pickup truck will be the norm and you can remember back to the first, the Chevy 09 Silverado hybrid.

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