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Wheel center caps can be one of the most frustrating parts of your car, they contribute to it’s looks, are one of the easiest parts to lose or have stolen, and at one time were a burden to find.  However, with the creation of the internet there are now countless outlets for you to find that replacement center cap, so you will no longer have to ride around with just 3 or 2 or just on rims.

Adding to the mix are the large number of different wheel center caps, which not only range in differences between manufacturers but also what they are made of.  Not all rims center caps are plastic, so finding an exact match requires some research.  Check out the partial list below of the different wheel center caps that may be on your car or truck.

  • Chrome Center Caps
  • Alloy Center Caps
  • Plastic Center Caps
  • Custom Center Caps
  • Aluminum Center Caps

As mentioned previously the make and manufacturer of your car will dictate which center cap you have as well.  Obviously there is a difference between Ford center caps, Chevrolet center caps, Mustang center caps, and Porsche center caps.

The benefits of buying a new or used center cap now are not limited to a cosmetic reason for yourself.  If you are interested in selling your vehicle, you can increase your asking price by simply spending a little money on center caps.  When buying a new cap I recommend using, simply because of their HUGE selection of over 1 million caps and reasonable prices.  Furthermore, most of the time you can get free shipping no matter how small or large your order is, as long as you live within the US.

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27 thoughts on “Buy Wheel Center Caps

  1. Unsatisfied

    It looks like a good website but these guys have no customer service and do not stand behind what they sell. I ordered a cap and they sent me the wrong one. They would not respond to numerous e-mails about exchanging the cap and they do not have a phone number you can call. BUYER BEWARE!

  2. Unsatisfied

    I am talking about site. I had read their return policy but thought it was a bit unfair to pay a restocking charge for something that was their fault. I sent them several emails, wanting to exchange the part they sent me for the right one. I was willing to pay shipping for this part back to them, just didn’t want to pay restocking charges. Since they didn’t even bother to reply, even if just to say no, I felt a little uneasy about just sending it back and hoping they would issue me some sort of refund.

  3. Unsatisfied Too

    I agree with Unsatisfied. I also purchased from and the items never arrived! Called, emailed — never heard from them. Had to dispute the charge with Visa in order to get my money back. They may have a selection, but apparently they do not want to part with any of them. Stongly suspect that they are nothing but a middleman who takes your money and then surfs the web or car parts vendors for the part and then eventually ships it to you — or not. DO NOT USE CENTERCAPS.NET

  4. Christopher Post author

    Man, that absolutely sucks, 2 negative reviews now.

    I have discontinued their advertising on my site. Sorry for the problems you guys have had, please keep in touch and let us know if you were ever taken care of…one way or another.

  5. David

    I too, discovered while surfing and while I didn’t like not having a phone number to call, I went ahead and ordered a used set of hubcaps with the understanding that it would be shipped out within 72 hours. This was a Monday. I ordered some new tires that same day with the intent of installing everything at once.

    The tires I had ordered from another vendor arrived Thursday. When I emailed asking about my order, they responded that they had already been shipped via usps. In spite of repeated emails, they never responded beyond that.

    The following Tuesday, I got an email from them that read simply: “Refunded. Out of stock at this time.”

    Basically, they had lied when they took my order and lied again when they claimed that they had shipped that order. This sounds like a scam to me and I suspect that these guys simply take your order (and your money) up front and then try to FIND the used hubcaps to ship out to you afterwards.

    I believe I’ve located the “facility” which according to Google Maps, appears to be someone’s house. The phone number listed WAS (607) 433-4542 and the address listed was 247 1st Street, Mansfield PA 16933.

    However, my credit card lists the phone number as (607) 329-5438 and that number traces to a Kris Parsons at 251 Memorial Gardens Road, Mansfield, PA 16933.

    You guys can do whatever you want with this information; I hope you pass it along to spare others any loss of time or money in dealing with these idiots. I intend to do more than simply spread the word and have contacted the attorney generals office to do a little more digging.

  6. jeff

    I got the same deal you guys!! they told me my centercap had shipped then it didnt sho then it was just late then it never got sent and was out of stock!!!!!!! somebody hunt these fu*** down and beat their ass!!!!!!! just let me know Im in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the address shows as Davis says above 247 first st. Mansfield Pa,16933 and the phone i found was also 607-433-4542. It shows the location to be on the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA CAMPUS. I talked live one time to a guy named “john” prob john doe right?????? i have cancelled my credit card and am disputing the charges and anyother charges these fuc**** scammers have run up on my card as well. What do we have to do to get these pricks????? just let me know!!!!

  7. jeff

    im guessing they are a bunch of thieves that take your money and only ship a cap if they can steal it off of someones car locally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep me in the loop please!

  8. Brian

    Yeesh. I just ordered a centercap from these guys today, without seeing this page. So far, no confirmation of receiving my payment or order. I hope to god I wasn’t swindled out of my money.

  9. Brian

    Well, I got an email today saying that my order is being “processed”. I will give it a week, and if I don’t receive anything by next Friday or so, I will dispute. I will keep you posted.

  10. Juli

    David, thanks for digging up the dirt. These guys are indeed some kind of flim-flam artists.

    I’ve gotten into a big mess trying to help my folks who are not Internet-savvy to find center caps for their car. Here I thought I was doing them a favor, and it’s just a ripoff.

    They sent the wrong cap, and there IS NO ADDRESS on their site on where to ship it back. I’ve emailed days ago and still no reply.

    I’ll be sending that package to Kris Parsons along with a note on what I think of their customer service. And trust me, I’m not one of those people who goes around looking for reasons to complain. I’ve shopped online for years with scarcely a problem. is a joke.

  11. Brian

    Well, surprise surprise.

    I got the CORRECT centercap for my jeep, and got it in a timely manner (Ordered on Monday, got today (Friday)

    maybe I got lucky.

  12. Christopher Post author

    Good to hear Brian!

    Still, just judging by the reports here, I’d steer clear of this company in the future. And that goes for people coming along to this post. It seems odd that any reputable company wouldn’t provide good contact information to get back in touch with them if you were to have a problem.

  13. Ben

    I placed an order with through eBay for a Nissan Xterra center cap. The product arrived in about a week, although it was a Subaru cap! After leaving 2 voicemails and 3 e-mails to them over 3 days (and never hearing back), I have initiated a case in the PayPal dispute center.

  14. Brian

    Yeah… i will NEVER order with them again, with all these negative reviews.

    I think I got lucky.

    Good luck everyone!

  15. Sean

    i ordered some centercaps for my 91 Audi 90 and that was placed Friday of 2 weeks ago, I then emailed to ask what was taking so long with my order (not reading the customer complaints prior to figuring it was a legit company) so about Weds of last week I sent the email out and Today Monday the 23 of March I get 2 emails stating out of stock refund for the amount, just checked the bank and NO REFUND! I have contacted the bank to see about disputing the amount and will be in contact with a lawyer about the scammers! to get them shut down for good, the freaking frauds! Will keep everyone up to date on the matter! And Chris I would advise you to stop using them on your site immediately! If you have contact with them then let them know about the potential for a suit!

  16. Christopher Post author

    Sean, way ahead of you. I canceled my agreement with them long ago and have contacted the Affiliate Network that is carrying them. All actions that I can take, I have.

    Good luck with your refund and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  17. Chris phillips

    It’s horrible. I ordered caps and tryed to ask simple questions and then they canceled my order. I only asked when I should revive the order and if their was a tracking number. And they responded ” we don’t have time for non-sence. We have canceled you order and refunded your money. We are blocking your from our page and will no long accept email from you”. I don’t think I was asking any hard to answer questions. DON’T USE THEM!

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