Honda Insight Pics

Honda has decided to meet the Toyota Prius frenzy head on with it’s early release of concept pictures of the Honda Insight.  I can’t hardly tell the difference between the two and I’m sure that’s the idea behind Honda’s Insight concept.  The real differeces between the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight’s happen under the hood, where Honda’s IMA(Integrated Motor Assist) technology will supposedly make this ride a gas anorexic.

The Insight sports a unique style and sophisticated design, sharing styling cues with the groundbreaking FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. The Insight concept, a futuristic five-door hatchback, is powered by a new lighter weight and efficient Integrated Motor Assist IMA® system that offers great performance. And there’s no shortage of amenities to liven up your commute.

What I think the US is still struggling with is justifying the high entry cost into future fuel vehicles.  Spending an extra $20,000 on a ‘green’ car will buy A LOT of extra gas right now in a vehicle that is getting even half as good as gas mileage.  Plus, for the people who cling to the god and guns (myself included) I just don’t think I’d look right setting behind the wheel in one of these things.  Perhaps the Honda Insight would be better at home in somewhere like San Francisco.

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