Porsche RS60 Spyder Special

Porsche has released a new special edition of their 08 Porsche Boxster and it wears the RS 60 badge.  What it means to wear the RS60 name plate is increased horsepower, 303 horsepower to be exact.  This new horsepower rating will put it as the first Boxster rolling off the assembly line with more than 300 horsepower, albeit a small increase over the Boxster-S which already touts 295.

The RS60-equipped Boxster moves the price out of as-close-to-budget-as-a-Porsche-gets, the base price for a no-option Boxster is $45,800, easily optioned up to $51,415 in our Barber race track Boxster comparison car. The track-tested Boxster S listed at $55,700, and was up to $61,380 after order sheet additions. Our test 2008 Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder starts at $64,900, and with self-dimming mirrors and rain-sensing wipers ($690), heated front seats ($500), wind deflector ($375), automatic climate control ($550), and the sport chronometer package (which among other things can record lap times, for $960), end up with a bottom line of $69,065.

For an indepth analysis of the Porsche RS60 on the race track check out what The Automotive Examiner has to say.  They run the RS60 through it’s paces and revue more than just rack times, but options, handling, and what it means to your wallet.

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