Cutting Cost of Hybrid Technology

Honda has made a very bold statement and/or goal for their 2009 model Hybrid cars, stating that they plan to cut the technology in half.  This huge cost cut is directly related to what they think will be 50% of what is currently used on their Civic.

Tech-On reports on how Kondo create a much less expensive hybrid alternative using already adopted technology.

“The system’s cost itself, excluding the (subsidiary) effects of standardizing components, for example, differs (from the cost of other systems seen in the Civic Hybrid, etc),” Kondo said.

One thought on “Cutting Cost of Hybrid Technology

  1. Tom Gosselin

    It’s nice to see everyone getting on board with technology other than just oil. I would like to see cars run on water but I don’t think it will happen soon because no one makes money selling water for your car. It was done by the way in 1932 using an electrolytic carburetor on a standard engine. The rights were bought soon after and it hasn’t seen the light of day since. You can check out this article from Modern Mechanix December 1935 issue.
    The patent has long expired. Maybe someone will start building them.


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