2008 Honda CRV EX-L

The all new Honda CRV EX-L has finally made it onto the market and reviews are starting to come in.  It looks like as a whole Honda is doing something right and most can understand why their sales are still doing good.  For some professional reviewers ‘lust’ seems to be the only way to descrive the new CRV.

One has to be careful when describing the Honda CR-V. Words like style, good looks, and quality are fine for almost any old car, but with Honda, only such expressions as sculpting, sultry shape, aerodynamics, meticulous attention, and captivating detail can do any kind of job describing an absolutely stunning vehicle.

I’ve ridden in a few CRV’s, granted not a 08 CRV EX-L, but enough to realize the price tag does not match what you get.  Tiny underpowered SUV’s make me feel like I have one foot in the grave and if I’m gonna go this small I might as well purchase a nice mid-size car.  But, for what it’s worth, it looks like Honda is starting to add a little head room and expanding on the idea that an SUV is meant for hauling, not just to look cute.

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