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How is the Pontiac Fiero still so popular?  I’m still struggling to see how this once throw away car still has a market for parts, accessories, and people looking to buy a used Fiero.  My only guess is because there are an endless amount of modofications you can make the Fiero.  Furthermore you can find a Fiero Car, Fiero GT, and Fiero Kits on eBay all day long and for cheap.

Another potential theory is that it’s a great grease monkey starter car.  The Fiero is small, easy to work on, and if you happen to junk your Fiero engine you can always start on another one.  Probably the harder things to find would be a Fiero GT, which with the right Fiero kit can go up for up to $25,000.  Ouch!  So if you have a new son about to turn 16 and looking for a cheap car to customize, no matter what your budget, I’d suggest finding a used Fiero to work on.

Fiero Parts on eBay
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2 thoughts on “Pontiac Fiero Parts

  1. Bob Anderson

    Looking for the aftermarket Glove Box that was sold by The Fiero Store, IRM, Fiero + and Pisa. It is no longer being produced and finding one, new or used, tan or gray, is proving very laborious. Can anyone help ? Thanks !

  2. Stephen

    A lot of those are the same reasons I want to own one. Additionally, aside from Toyota’s MR-2/MR-S, it’s really hard to find an affordable car with a mid-engine drivetrain layout, at least in the United States (Mazda didn’t sell its Autozam AZ-1 here, which is disappointing).


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