16 Most Patriotic Cars and Trucks

Of course tomorrow is our Independence Day and in celebration I have crawled the web for the most patriotic cars and trucks around.  Fot his post I give you the 16 most patriotic cars and trucks in the USA.

Happy July 4th tomorrow and God Bless America!

4 thoughts on “16 Most Patriotic Cars and Trucks

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    At first glance, you might think the redesigned 1980 F-Series looks a lot like trucks from the previous generation, but examine the pickups more closely and you’ll see that they are shorter and narrower, with a lower stance.

  2. Debra Crowder

    I have a VW for sale with emblems on it that might interest someone. I have it priced at the market value, but would like to sell it discounted to a vet or serviceman. It can be found at Volkswagentrader.com under 2010 VW Jetta TDI (if one searches) or Craigslist in Ashland, Oregon. Do you have any ideas of good sites to advertize it on? The local dealership would like to buy her back, but will remove the patriotic vinyl wrap to resell her. I just can’t bring myself to let that happen.


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