Evolution Of The Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse has been around for quite some time, actually first manufactured in 1990 and was built under 3 different names.  The Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and Plymouth Laser were all the same with different brandings.  In addition to different labels we’ve also seen some great performance versions, even the first generation Eclipse had a turbo version, the Eclipse GS-T.

Here we are 18 years later and more than just the cosmetics have changed on this 4 cylinder, cult inducing, small size car.  Below is a stroll through memory lane with the Mitsubishi Eclipse and where it came from to where it’s going.

Check out more information about the changes the Mitsubishi Eclipse has gone through over the years at Wikipedia.

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2 thoughts on “Evolution Of The Mitsubishi Eclipse

  1. Veronica

    I’m a proud owner of a 2008 Eclipse. I had no idea that Eclipse’s are over 20 years old! It’s pretty cool to look at the pictures and see how the Eclipse evolved over time, from one generation to the next. I think the second generation of the Eclipse has to be my favorite.


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