7 thoughts on “Toyota Scion xD Hot Lava Special Edition

  1. hotlavamama

    We’ve had our Xd RS1 for a few months… love everything about it. The fact that we get up to 40 mph is enough to make us think about getting another one! There is ample leg room and head room – a huge selling point for us, as we’re both around 6′. Had many road trips, and looking forward to many more. We’ve been through 3 Volvo sedans, and won’t go back there. Hot lava, baby.

  2. admin Post author

    hotlavamama, I’m going to assume you got up to ’40 MPG, not mph’ because we all know don’t go that fast. 😉

    Just kidding, thanks for the review.

  3. Matt Diamond

    This is my second car ever and it is simply amazing.
    It is such a cute size that enables me to fit almost anywhere.
    Amazing gas mileage, and the car picks up pretty fast.
    I bought rims that makes the car look even better!!!
    I get comments about how cute it is from left and right.
    Very roomy inside with great colors that makes the car!

    Ahhhh love it so much! Go get some rim’s because the hubcaps on this one are UG-LY!
    -Matt (:

  4. Love my scion

    Hi, I love my scion bought it 2 yrs ago. I am replacing tires Dealer didn’t mention these are special order tires no tire company carrys tires. A bit pricey. What kind of rims are they? I bet the car looks great. I just love the way my car looks and feels. Very happy with my scion. Props to Toyota!!!!


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