Hot Lava xD Special Edition Scion

Toyota is doing another push for the love it or loathe it Scion, with the special edition Scion Hot Lava xD.  This will be a very limited edition Scion with Toyota making only 2,000 units.  The Scion marketing ploy will entail 12 major cities, Website Banner Ads, and Newspaper ads all over the US.  This week it will be hard not to see some face of the Scion in your day to day life.

“Release Series vehicles give us the unique opportunity to communicate what our brand is about but with a twist,” Jack Hollis, Scion’s vp, said in a statement. “The smoking mobile billboards and street teams wearing the protective heat gear will engage consumers and bring additional awareness of the Scion brand and excitement to the xD RS 1.0’s distinctiveness.”

The Scion xD release marks the 5th Anniversary for Scion in the US and frankly it’s being met with mixed reviews.  As far as a collectors car, time will tell, but for the giddy car lover in me I don’t want one.  Of course, i was never one for the go-cart driving feel of the Toyota Scion.  But for a teenager who gets everything, $17,169 delivers the Toyota Scion Hot Lava xD.

10 thoughts on “Hot Lava xD Special Edition Scion

  1. Jessica

    I own this car and it is wonderful! No, I am not a teenager, I am a graduate student who enjoys great gas mileage and is not afraid to sport a funky car with a fun color. I doubt that when I become old and no fun that I will drive a Buick even then…but we’ll see.

  2. admin Post author

    I suppose that’s why they advertise the ‘Love it or Loathe it’. 🙂 Funky is a great description for it, enjoy your toy! 🙂

  3. Paul

    Just bought the XD SRI for my 60 year old wife.
    She fell in love with the car and drives it to work every day. So now her Mustang GT sits in the driveway, or I get to drive it.

  4. admin Post author


    Your wife would rather drive a Scion than a Mustang GT? How sad, but as long as you get to enjoy it. 🙂

  5. Josh

    Just got my xD RS 1.0 about a month ago now and I love it. I’m 29 so I’ve been out of the “teenager” category for a little while now. With mpg’s around 38, great “funky” (thanks Jessica) style and just plain old fun-to-drive, I havn’t a single complaint. I have a vinyl graphics company in NH and just applied rally stripes on it which really sets it off even more. A+ in my eyes.

  6. Annandale

    What a facade. My wife bought one, and she paid over $18,000 for it. Ouch. For that kind of money for a car of that size and all the hype, one would expect much more such as:
    Alloy wheels.
    Automatic running daylight lights
    A console that can store tissue box.
    6 Cd changer cassette player
    Integrated navigational system.
    Foot activated brake as opposed to a hand brake that takes up extra space.
    A full information display monitor(internal and external temperature, elapsed travel time).

    But she paid for it, because she fell in love with it being cute. How can a car be cute.

    I know that there are people who see metallic objects as an extension of themselves, but for the money being asked for the car,I am not the least bit impressed.

    I drive a 2006 Avalon, which works for me.

  7. nobody

    Those wheels are horrid. Scion goes to the trouble of adding lowering springs and a body kit, but they put cheap stamped wheels with plastic hubcaps.

  8. Dave K

    My wife just bought one, she wanted a small fuel efficient commuter car and spent several weeks looking at the options. She liked the Fit but couldn’t find one for under 20k, she liked the Yaris but I didn’t like the poor safety numbers. She didn’t like the Aveo or the Versa. She’d settled on the Yaris when I saw this car at the dealership and told her to take a look. This car isn’t what I’d call beautiful but it’s got more style than the other options we’d looked at, price wise it’s toward the top end but not excessively so (even the Aveo was typically in the 15-16k range, and that car is just NASTY).

    I think she made a good choice, and to the guy who was looking for a 6 disk CD changer w/cassette… lol… who uses CD’s anymore (much less CASETTES)? I’m an old dude (40) but I’m not THAT old. This car has a cool iPod interface that my itouch dropped into slick as can be… made me jealous. Only thing it lacked in the audio department was XM. And who needs gps on a commuter car(this class of cars are not really intended for extended travel) The only car we looked at with nav was one of the Fit’s and that was $20k.

    Alloy’s would have been nice though… I was surprised that it didn’t have them stock.

  9. Siraco

    I drive a 08 XB that I walked out of the dealership for about 16500… I am 20 years old…

    You expect a 18,000 dollar car to have a six-disc changer and navigation? A similarly optioned Camry (same 2.4 liter engine, power everything, vehicle stability control) would have AT LEAST cost me about 23,000 dollars- and wouldn’t have half the room or capability of my Scion.

    That is unrealistic.

  10. scion parts

    It’s definitely flaming hot! Scion has always been a dependable car maker not just in terms of safety, performance but also with design and other innovation on the parts. Great job scion engineers!


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