Hyundai To Release Lithium-Ion Hybrid

Hyundai has announced that they will be releasing a Lithium-Ion Hybrid Elantra model by next year.  To me that says they will have this giant energizer bunny that seats 4 available by January 09.  The problem is that I’ve seen dates like this come and go and if released too early causes nothing but battery recalls.

2009 Hyundai Lithium-Ion Hybrid

Despite all the technology it’s only expected to produce less than 40mpg.  Don’t get me wrong, this is great, but guessing at what the price tag will be I could still buy a lot more gas by buying a cheaper car than what this thing could save me.  $4 per gallon hurts, but if buying a $10,000 less car means I can put gas in my existing car for a further 8 years, so be it.

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