New 2009 Corvette

Holy Christ!  The all new 2009 Chevy Corvette is sporting some serious horsepower and other performance upgrades that makes my pants tighter.  According to Chevrolet the all new 09 ZR-1 comes with a super charged 6.2l V8 with 638hp and top speeds of 205 mph.

Expect nothing but down to business speed and performance with this special edition 09 Corvette, the ZR-1 comes with some extra goodies.  For starters you can expect to see a carbon fiber hood, which puts the 2009 Corvette in the same class of some super cars at a price tag of $100,000.

Despite it’s price, Chevy expects to sell 2,000 09 Corvettes the first year it reaches the show room floor.  Hell, I’d be in line right now if it weren’t for the existing holes in my pockets.

2009 Chevy Corvette

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