Time For Motorcycle Helmets

Every spring I get just as excited as the next person to hit the open road with my motorcycle of choice, or rather what’s available to me. However, my wife always has to remind me to get my motorcycle helmet, generally I manage to forget.  But this year it will be different, mainly because I’ve been reminded of how dangerous it is out there, no thanks to a few friends and family already subjected to accidents. (thank god none too serious)

In many cases, the accident could have been much, much worse, but thanks to their motorcycle helmets they will not have any long term damage. Pretty much a wounded ego and a big hospital bill will be all they have to show for their carelessnesses. Remembering a helmet shouldn’t be a chore and with today’s technology finding a motorcycle helmet that fits my personality is easier than ever.

The technology has enabled motorcycle helmets to develop a personality of their own and be more comfortable. Hell, just the other day I was driving down the expressway next to a crotch rocket rider with a mohawk helmet.  If they ahve those, surely there is something out there to fit my lax style, or lack thereof.

So please, motorcycle riders, take this post as your only needed reminder. PUT ON YOUR MOTORCYCLE HELMET BEFORE GOING RIDING!

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