Small Car Sales Up

Honda LogoHonda has announced that they are enjoying the increase in small car sales and the demand forced Honda over 135,000 vehicle sales in April. That’s a whopping 6.9% increase from the same time last year and in a time when other manufacturers are struggling with the economy.

Sales of the Honda Accord were up 19.7% and the little Civic up 17.2%. The increase almost blanketed the different vehicles offered by Honda, including their small pick up trucks. However, sales with their SUV lineup has suffered slightly, with the Honda Element and Honda Pilot. I’m sure they are hoping that their 2009 Honda Pilot will help turn those sales figures around.
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2 thoughts on “Small Car Sales Up

  1. car articles

    That is true, SUVs are horrible right now

    Last week was a busy week for the dealership because of the deals the store has going on – 0 percent interest for 72 months vs. the typical 6.9 percent interest. These deals are just to get rid of SUVs.

    BUT hybrids are in high demand and that is good for the new direction we need to take in respect to fuel efficiency

  2. admin Post author

    Wow for 72 months! Personally I can’t even imagine having a car loan for longer than 4 years, but that’s just me. Sad that the price of a new vehicle is so much that 72 months is even considered, let alone at 0%


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