Mercedes SL 63 AMG

09 Mercedes SL63 AMG

There are too many factors that play into a Mercedes ability to be sexy. The power, the poshness, the price tag, and the new 09 Mercedes SL63 AMG delivers on all accounts.  The well-to-do will have a hard time passing up this sexy roadster, which just screams power and subtlety.

The 2009 Mercedes SL63 AMG will come with a potent 518 horse power V-8, which screams push me to the limit.  Although it’s got the gumption to tear it up on the track, it also does so in style and sophistication you’d be used to in a Benz.  The 2 seater 2009 Mercedes will make guys jealous and women swoon, at home on the track or the quick trip to Wal-Mart…or wherever the super rich shop.

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