White Wall Tires

Are white wall tires making a come back this spring or are more people just fixing up old cars? Personally, I’m a fan of the fat white wall markings on old muscle cars, it just adds a nice antique look to an already beautiful car. But finding a set of white walls can be difficult to complete that winter project you have in your garage.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I’ve found a few good sources for white wall tires and generally the best prices are on ebay. If you are scared about shipping, don’t be. Most tires, including white walls are capable of being UPS’d, so truck lines are not necessary.

Check out the white wall tires on ebay:
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8 thoughts on “White Wall Tires

  1. Nathen

    Hi guys. reading your post on white walls tires has led me here to say yes definatly . whitewalls are definatley coming back. not just fats either. slim line white/coloured walls are becoming huge. not just on old school cars and rods but modern and new performance cars also. though tire manifactures are not supplying majority or colours and sizes on all tires there is a way this can be fixed.
    i manifacture a machine that will apply any color to any tire, with the wheel and tire left on the car to rotate.the machine turns the tire while the color is applied. the sizes can be nearly anything from just a small out line pin stripe to a fat wall depending on the look your trying to achieve.
    throw me a line if you wish to know any more information.


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