Almost An Audi Super Car

The new Audi A6 is quite possibly the most potent Audi you can buy, less the R8 super car. The Audi A6 is part of the manufacturers ‘S’ line of vehicles and comes with all the go fast goodies you can think of, including a V-8!

The Audi A6 lays down 350 hp thanks to a 4.2-litre v8, compared to 420 hp produced by the R8. In addition to big HP numbers the 4.2-litre also produces a whopping 325-ft/lb of torque. It makes for a smooth ride with plenty of get up and go to embarrass the local muscle car nut.  How about 0-60 in just under 5.8 seconds? Are you feeling damp yet?

Audi A6

As far as looks go it doesn’t get too much more refined. Most would never guess there was a bulging-growth-hormone-using motor under the hood. Furthermore, for a little more than $56,000 sticker you could have one of your own.

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2 thoughts on “Almost An Audi Super Car

  1. Nate

    That white audi looks real slick. I have the grey one but it doesn’t stand out as much and mine is about 4 years ealier model. Do you have any rim suggestions for audios that you think look great and match? nice photos and nice post!

  2. Christopher Post author

    Hi Nate, I don’t really have any suggestions for you on your car. However, you can go to places like TireRack and Discount Tire to put rim/tire combos on your car to see what it would look like.

    Please, just stay away from chrome on your Audi.


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