New Suzuki SV650

Back in the day I had one of these torque monsters (relative to it’s size) and it was a phenomenal bike to drive. I couldn’t bring myself to adopt the Harley type bikes, nor did I particularly enjoy the high pitched whine of a crotch rocket, but the Suzuki SV650 made a nice compromise to both.

It’s an entry level bike, being the first big boy you may wrap your legs around, but allows for plenty of room for growth. I enjoyed mine for several years before finally retiring to sports cars, but I still miss tearing around town and long winding roads. Yes, I’m being nostalgic, but just looking at the SV 650 makes my heart race again, although I had the slightly more attractive SV650S model. 😉

Suzuki SV650

Pros Easy to manage, ideal first ‘big’ bike and far more comfortable than its half faired brother. They sound the business with aftermarket pipes as well

Cons Maybe physically small for some and not the sharpest looker in the group

Thanks VisorDown for a trip down memory lane.

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  1. The SV650 is a great entry level bike, and looks great too!

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  2. Yeah, as mentioned I really loved the one I had, especially for being my first bike. By the way, awesome bike’s on your website, some really sleek customizations going on there.

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  3. Thanks, everyday I’m amazed by what some of these guys build. Nice work on this site by the way, I get lost in here for hours some times lol.

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  4. Yet privately, some dealers worry. The customer waiting list for new motorcycles has shrunk from as much as two years to a matter of months. Dealer premiums that used to range between $2,000 and $4,000 have disappeared for most models. Dealers are grateful the company is playing the centennial to the hilt. But the question, says a dealer, is “What’s going to happen in 2004?” The answer: Harley must get ahead of the demographic curve with new customers while somehow keeping faith with its fanatical old ones. If it doesn’t, the born-to-be-wild company will begin its second century with profit growth that is doomed to be mild.

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